Over 500K Streetfilms watches (and we’re just getting started…)

In the past year, Streetfilms have been watched a half million times, and with postings on other sites like YouTube! along with advocates organizing screenings all over the world - and some film festivals - the true number is somewhere beyond that.

The momentum continues. The list of cities and countries has been incredible. Just a small sample reveals the spectrum of demand in the last few weeks: Durham, Thailand, Tucson, Philadelphia, Tasmania, Melbourne, Toronto, Eugene, Amherst, Edinburgh, Baltimore, St. Louis and dozens more.

So what do we have coming up? Nick has some Streetfilms from the L.A. area, Elizabeth is in Paris documenting the Vélib’ & more, and Clarence is just back with his camera from one of the most livable places on the planet: Melbourne, Australia.

Finally a last plug: one of our favorite festivals, Filmed By Bike, takes place next weekend from April 11 thru 13. Elizabeth and Clarence have four films showing there including Clarence, The Traffic Calming Sasquatch. We urge you to go, but if you're not you can always take a gander here.