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PARKing Day Redux in Park Slope! (2007)

Continuing the PARKing Day excitement this weekend was the original Parking Spot Squat crew who took to celebrating a few weeks late after being shut down prematurely last month by Park Slope's 78th precinct.

StreetFilms was there talking to organizers, neighbors, passerby, City Councilmember Letica James and even drivers(!) - who didn't seem to mind the concept of taking back a parking space for public alfresco use. We love the little girl who says, "I've never sat in a parking spot before."

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Music: Alexander Blu

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[intro music]

Speaker: [00:04] Push it in. Excellent, now let’s go park for a while. We just put a quarter in the parking metre so that we could park on the park bench and relax and enjoy the day.

Speaker: [00:16] We are here on the Parking Day and this is a parking spot. I’ve never sat in a parking spot before.


Speaker: [00:27] Oh yeah, they’ve got it cordoned off and they have nice benches and it’s like a little café.


Eric McLure: [00:32] We’re feeding the metres to make sure that we’re in compliance like anybody who would be parking here would be. You could take up this whole space for about $125 a month, which I think is probably a lot cheaper than any other per square footage deal in Park Slope.

Geoff Zink: [00:48] Well we attempted to participate in National Parking Day two weeks ago. We were told to move along by the police officer that stopped nearby. We still wanted to do the event so we cleared it with the 78th Precinct, which is our local precinct, and so we’re doing it again today.

Speaker: [01:06] The 78th Precinct even came by to check on us and made sure everything was okay.

Leticia James: [01:10] Oh I’m glad, I’m glad officers are on the job. We want to talk to our neighbours about the environment, about global warming and about all that we can do to save our planet, and just say we’re just taking over the street.

Speaker: [01:22] Parks are important because it’s a place for people to relax and hang out, and I think a park is a better use of this space right here than like a parking space.

Speaker: [01:36] I think the idea of having space for people to sit down where a car would normally be parked is wonderful. But where does the car go if it’s supposed to be in that spot?

Eric McLure: [01:46] We as a society heavily subsidise parking for vehicles and if you applied that same value to creating little parks for people we’d get a lot… a bit more bang for our buck. And as you can see there, in a space where you could park one car, you’ve got eight people sitting right now enjoying coffee, soaking in the sunshine, chatting with their neighbours. So really you can do a lot with this spot beyond just plonking a car in it.


Speaker: [02:17] Hi.

Speaker: [02:18] Hi.

Speaker: [02:19] Do you mind telling me your reaction to seeing a park back there when you’re trying to park your car?

Speaker: [02:24] I think TA does this to give people an idea of like why it would be better to have fewer parking spaces. In fact if more money were given to Amtrak to have better rail service, we wouldn’t even have to be driving.

Speaker: [02:35] As a car user this is… I totally support this. This is a good thing and we should make this a permanent part of our use of the public space.


Leticia James: [02:49] Hopefully next year we can take over a longer stretch of 7th Avenue.


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  • LL

    Congratulations Park Slope Park Builders! Looks like a total success. Don't for get to come out to the Park[k]ty tonight at Open Plans.

  • still i ride

    great vid, EP.
    keep up the good work.

  • Eileen

    Good comments from the People's Republic of Park Slope. Even the drivers don't like cars as much as they like mini-parks.

  • Dave


    Great work.

  • suzy

    Wow that makes me want to push cars out of the space! Great job press-you're only missing a white pup in there:)

  • http://mlcastle.net/ mlc

    well done EP!

  • http://submedia.tv the stimulator

    fuckin sweet! I am moving into a parking spot and inventing a coin inserting machine. Love the music too. Woop!