Photos from a Platinum Bike City: Davis, CA

Davis Bus Shelter Ad

That's a bus shelter ad from Davis, CA - which according to the League of American Bicyclists is the only Platinum Bicycle city in the U.S. I was there this weekend and in a whirlwind visit and tried to document as much of the city and bike amenities as possible in 36 hours. I really needed to spend another few days, but when I finish the vid I'm sure it will show you how much this city is in love with and has a real deep commitment to bicycling as everyday use, culture and recreation.

After the jump below, check out more photos I snapped while not holding my videocamera. (BTW: I took most of these photos very early on a Sunday, no, the town is not as deserted as it appears!)

Welcome to Davis

Yes, that is how all the signs greet you when entering Davis from any direction. I detected almost no animonsity between peds/bikes/drivers there. Probably because all users obeys traffic laws and cyclists are given so many safe bicycling routes to get around.

Bike Art Davis

Bike art and glyphs are everywhere in Davis. And they have their own Wiki bike pages!

Separated Bike Lanes Davis

There are an abundance of separated bicycle paths/greenways throughout the city. Anywhere you live in Davis you are a very short, safe distance away from getting a no-stress commute to work, school, play... about 25% of all grade-school students in Davis bike there daily and it is obvious why parents let them do so. Amazingly, the city voted to do away with schoolbuses some time ago.

Diagonal Diverter Dacvis

Several streets between the UC Davis campus and downtown are bicycle priority streets, using traffic calming and traffic diverters like the one above to keep thru-traffic out. Depending who you talk to or what stats you consult, 15-20% of all trips in Davis are done by bike. There is an amazing bike network there. To download a PDF, go here.

Davis Red Light

Running red lights will cost you in Davis. Most are monitored by photo cameras. Can't imagine how much $370 equates to in NYC.

Rite Aid bike parking

There is bike parking EVERYWHERE. I mean it, the town's officials told me it is required in planning. You'll find ample bike parking at movie theaters, bookstores, restaurants, Taco Bells, parks, strip malls, schools, and yes even the Rite Aid (by the way, this was only one of three rack areas at that Rite Aid!)

Neckdowns Davis

Juicy, verdant neckdowns greet you crossing almost every intersection downtown. The gateways practically invite you to cross. And as designed, pedestrians are drawn to use them as I saw almost no mid-block crossing done while was there. Well except by me your typical New Yorker.

Dog on bike sculpture davis

More art from Davis...well check back next week for the video...