Photos from Portland

If you haven’t figured out already, Streetfilms and the Livable Streets team have returned from the World Car-free Conference. We had a great time meeting so many of you (wow, we really have fans!)

Hope you are enjoying the first two Streetfilms from Portland: Elizabeth’s “Depaving Day” film and my “Sunday Parkways” video. We have at least two more Portland-themed videos we will post in the next few weeks, but until then if you need some more Portland fix here are some photos I’d like to share…

The beautiful Pioneer Square during the Festival of Flowers.

There are about as many cyclists as cars using the Hawthorne Bridge during some parts of the rush hour.

Our hero: Gil Penalosa!

The Livable Streets team out for a bike ride: Lily, Clarence, Carly, and Nick.

Neckdowns plus! Bioswales serve as traffic calming and rain collectors.

Due to high volumes of bike traffic PDOT added a bike passing lane on the uphill ramp towards the Hawthorne Bridge!

Streetsblog’s Aaron Naparstek toasts a successful presentation with friends.

Inexpensive and welcome bike parking corrals are sprouting up all over Portland.

Sunday Parkways was fantastically great. A family event. Even with a damp beginning it was crowded in spots!

Obama Claus showed up looking for votes!

Families were out in force, even this TWO YEAR OLD!

These street closures aren’t only about bikes. Runners, walkers, bladers and pets also took to the streets.