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Photos of the Tour de Bronx 2007

Sometimes videoshooters need a day to enjoy. I did yesterday so I left the bulky equipment at home and opted to take over 200 photos at the Tour de Bronx 2007. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then here I present about 50,000 of them.

It might have been the nicest day of the year with the Tour being kicked off by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión and - with perhaps the biggest ovation I have ever heard for a public official - NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, the ride was huge, the smiles overflowing, camaraderie splendid, and the riding wonderful.

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  • Sassy

    Some good ones! It was a really great day!

  • Fatima

    I think Sassy is right! It was just a great ride and here are some pictures to prove it.

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  • jane

    Clarence must have edited out all the traffic we encountered, the lack of rider support (no first aid), and lack of marshals to help riders out. It should have been a completely beautiful experience, unfortunately the planning left a lot to be desired.

  • Lazarus


    Jeeez, I don't know what negatory pills you are taking. The ride was free, FREE! It was fun, my family and friends had a ball. If I would have paid $$$ for this ride, yeah I might find some things to be pissed at....but all in all....loved it.

  • yawn…zzzzzzz

    this is the lamest video I've seen on this site yet. put a little effort into them why don't you?

  • hello

    I have to agree with Jane here. i'm grateful for the organizers for having put it together - but it was really poorly planned (delayed almost 1.5 hours, path extremely poorly marked, marshals had no idea where to go). Free, it was. But does free have to mean it's completely disorganized?

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

    #4 & #7 - I'll be the first to admit the ride was not perfect. But at one point we got lost waaay at the back of the pack - thanks to a flat - and for five miles we rode without a turnsheet and was able to catch up at the rest stop quite easily using the marks on the road. So I wouldn't endorse the poorly marked quote, well at least those five miles were expertly done.

    And as for #6 - this is not a video, it is just some photos I took during the ride that I took an hour selecting and then posting to music. Yeah, not much effort but it is nice to share...and have a record of some nice moments.

  • Lawrence

    Does FREE mean free to get creamed by undirected traffic? Free to be ignored when you are injured? I'm a frequent rider (and marshall) of many other group rides and this experience was deplorable. When I ride the streets on any given day alone FOR FREE I expect the worst and ride extremely defensively. Who holds a parade and then directs vehicular traffice right into it at full speed?? Or ignores traffic while standing there in a uniform with crossed arms? When I am on a group ride where I am told we have the streets with police and other support and the road is barricaded and there are marked "marshalls" I expect to ride in a large mass without heed to lights etc. and to be relatively safe from assaults from vehicular traffic, at very least. On this particularly day many, many of us suddenly had a line of cars plow into the group doing 30+ miles an hour (this happened many, many times until I abandoned the ride in fear of the safety of my son and myself). I was nearly taken out by city buses vying their way through our group!??!! At the maritime academy loop someone was actually waving riders into the stream of the oncoming riders!! Something was desperately wrong. It is a major miracle no one was killed on this ride. I spoke with one rider who actually went down in a poorly directed bottleneck of riders, was cut and bleeding and NO ONE even stopped to help her! No first aid station!?!! I'm with TA in a very big way in spirit, however, after having many near death experiences including a driver trying to run me down shouting obscenities at me while I was running interference to protect my son, I will want to see some real commitment to clean up the act before I ever participate again. I live in the Bronx. I was very embarassed and apologized frequently to the out-of-town friend I invited for the ride. Negative? Absolutely. Free? Almost cost us our lives. Late, unorganized, forms not available all that is grist for the mill... I'm talking SAFETY...

  • Michael Cairl

    That loop through Fort Schuyler, though scenic, was really poorly planned. Reversing the direction of the loop, i.e. going counterclockwise around the point, would have solved a big problem. And if people register on-line, why shouldn't they be able to download the turn sheet and other stuff? That would cut printing costs for T.A. and eliminate a lot of mishegass at the start. Maybe even get us going sooner.

  • tommy q

    poorly marked, yes it was
    1st rest stop food was great, at the finish the pizza taste like steak after all the hills
    my 4th year doing it, and i'll be back next year. my only problem with the pic's that guy takes is i'm never in any of them

  • Jeff

    I attended this ride as well and rode the long route, from the New York Botanical Garden Metro North start up to the end within. While the ride for the most part went well it did become discouraging at times. Due to a large number of riders from outside of our borough being allowed to sign up on the day of the ride (despite having had months to do so beforehand) the rest stop snacks were generally gone before many of us arrived. Many of these same individuals, especially those from outside the Bronx, displayed a sense of entitlement and an arrogance that those of us from this borough I spoke to found appalling. Yes, this ride was for all who were interested, but I'm sure if we came to your neighborhoods you would expect us to show common courtesy when riding among you, as well as making sure our garbage ended up in trash receptacles. Among the Bronxites the vibe was good, but the outsiders were a major drag to ride among. Next year they should be excluded if they do not follow the same procedures that those of us who signed up before us did, as well as a greater respect for the individuals and the neighborhoods they as visitors are riding through.

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