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Raised Crosswalk

This stop-animation Streetfilm illustrates the advantages of adding a raised crosswalk.

Raised crosswalks are Speed Tables outfitted with crosswalk markings and signage to channelize pedestrian crossings, providing pedestrians with a level street crossing. Also, by raising the level of the crossing, pedestrians are more visible to approaching motorists.

Raised crosswalks are good for locations where pedestrian crossings occur at haphazard locations and vehicle speeds are excessive.

Previous animation: Chicanes (:24)

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  • http://RooseveltIsland360.blogspot.com Roosevelt Island 360 (Eric)

    On Roosevelt Island we don't have raised crosswalks but we have State Yield to Pedestrian signs in the middle of our one street, Main Street. I believe speed bumps were proposed but then approximately every 100 feet the driver would hit one and the idea was unfortunately scuttled.

  • SuzyQ

    You've got skills! Mad skillz!

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence Eckerson, Jr.


    I just wanted to put this in writing: after watching this about a dozen times, I am a big fan.

    Yours truly,


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  • NNN

    We have it right here in singapore :/

  • Adam

    I've been to America last week, there are no sidewalks or crosswalks only gigantic trucks and 8 lanes wide roads. You need a car to cross the road and go 50 meters.

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  • John McCarthy

    There are several raised crosswalks on speed tables in downtown Columbus. Your animation does a good job in portraying how they work. May I use your animation in doing public presentations?

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  • David Baskett

    It would be a better example if it didn't go from a oneway street to a two way street comparing apples to oranges

  • Robert

    In many places, yes. But try Washington DC and you'll find something very different. It is a beautiful city worth the trip if you stay out of the rough areas.

  • Robert

    There are other places more like Washington DC, as well.

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