Re-Introducing Zozo, our Lovable Livable Streets Hero!

Back in the Summer of 2010, the Streetfilms crew shot & edited ten wonderful vignettes starring Zozo, a purple Henson-designed creature, for the now-defunct Livable Streets Education. It was a great team effort from our colleagues Kim Wiley-Schwartz and Rebecca Jacobs as well as the hugely talented folks we partnered with to write and plan them. It's still one of the best times I have ever had as a camera person.

Each short was designed to teach children about the environment we live in and why walking, bicycling and taking transit is so important. They're great tools to use not only in a classroom-type setting, but for adults to introduce to their own children the livable streets world in a fun way.

However, due to various circumstances, the vignettes never got quite the publicity we desried them to. Thus this year I am going to be promoting them whenever I can. Until now, the films have only appeared on the Meet Zozo site but we have added them officially to Streetfilms in the hope that our fans will take to Zozo.

If you want to help promote or use the Zozo shorts, here are some things you can do:

1. Watch the videos on Streetfilms or Meet Zozo. Tell your friends about Zozo on Twitter & Facebook and make sure you reference us.

2. If you click on the Vimeo button, you can download the films for FREE to show your kids, their friends, your classroom, fellow advocates, etc.

3. If you want to go even further, there are even Zozo coloring book sheets you can download here and explore  the Meet Zozo site to see sample lessons that were prepared by Livable Streets Education.

4. Check out Streetfilms' pretty awesome mini-doc that started it all, The Search for the Zozo!