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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Me a Ticket!

I put this together last summer one day while feeling a little sympathy for what it must be like to be a ticket writer in this town. And with the latest debate over parking placards, I thought it was relevant to post.

Basically, while I walked around one afternoon with my camera, I looked to see what visual cues drivers leave to evoke sympathy to avoid tickets. I realize some of my on-screen text quotes may be a bit of aggrandizement, but I think you'll get the point.

<br> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">[intro music]</font> <br> </p> http://transcriptdivas.ca/transcription-canada/
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  • Michael

    See "Parking Wars" on A&E.

  • http://markforscher.com mark

    this is incredible. have you seen this site?

    it's a similar project: people submit pictures of bike lane violations in their city.

  • Thomas J. Hillgardner

    Oh those poor parking ticket writers!  Give me a break.  How about all those poor motorists who took FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INCENTIVES to purchase a car?  Or how about the fact that the billions allocated annually to fund highway construction is a tacit subsidy of the automobile industry?  My girlfriend, who has a NYC Parking Permit for Persons with Disabilities is regularly ticketed for using it!  Most recently she beat twenty tickets in a row. I suppose she should take a bicycle or walk, except she is unable to bicycle and can only walk short distances.  Some of the wrath exhibited by the anti-car crowd is not really well thought out.  I am particularly galled at those Manhattanites who move to the nuisance and then complain about it.  If you are really against cars, vote for federal legislators who will change FEDERAL POLICY that props up the automobile industry in this country.  And stop your constant complaining about persons who buy cars.  Where would all you Manhattanites be without the motor vehicles that bring you all your goods and services that are so conveniently located within walking distance to your apartment?