Report from Boston: Streetfilm vs “streetfilm”

Fresh off an awesome Streetfilms event in Cambridge hosted by LivableStreets Alliance and attended by over 70 people (where they premiered their first self-produced "streetfilm" on Boston PARKing Day 2008), I thought we would address the growing use of the term "streetfilm" in the livable streets lexicon.

First off, we are very happy people around the country are starting to use the term "streetfilm" (note, lowercase) to describe similarly themed productions that are inspired by our site. And we fully encourage that. In fact, if you shoot something that you post on YouTube and you want us to feature on our Eyes On The Street right-hand sidebar, just tag it "streetfilms" and we'll try to throw it up for a few days!

So go nuts. Use the term. Of course, you can't say you work for Streetfilms or call it an official Streetfilms production, but this kind of emulation is flattering and needed, cause we can't be everywhere documenting everything!

Now if you want to see LivableStreets Alliance's first "streetfilm" shot and edited by George Zisiadis, I have embedded it below. You can see it definitely is very similar to what we do; it's a great first effort and we hear he is already working on more:

Much thanks to the whole team over at LivableStreets Alliance team including Jackie Douglas and Jeff Rosenblum. On another note, filmmaker George also happens to be in a well-reviewed movie that just opened in theaters called Frontrunners. I plan on seeing it as soon as possible. Check out this way cool Gothamist interview with him.