SF Critical Mass Halloween 2008

On my recent West Coast Streetfilms swing, I got to jump into the San Francisco Critical Mass dressed as a "bee" (ironically my childhood nickname!) Although we don't often cover alot of critical mass here on our pages, I thought this one would be apropos since it promised to have up to 5,000 participants, and after all Halloween is my favorite holiday. Furthermore, I got to buzz around the "birthplace of critical mass" briefly before the swarm of bikes started pollinating the streets.

Many said it was perhaps the biggest CM ever. Writes Dan Goldwater on the Portland Shift list:

I've only been in SF about 4 years, but it was by far the biggest I've been to; like 3x bigger than any other one. From the first bike to leave Embarcadero to the last one was over half an hour with a solid line down Market st. the entire time.

With monthly rides under attack in some cities, it is interesting to see the tactic that San Francisco takes. The police department is practically hands off, and the ride is very peaceful and non confrontational. Even drivers and spectators don't seem to mind the action. So, why can't it be the same in NYC? Of course, discuss.