SFPD Chief Sees Streets of San Francisco by Bike

Back in September 2009, when Streetsblog San Francisco editor Bryan Goebel interviewed newly arrived SFPD Chief George Gascón, he invited him out for a bike ride. Gascón accepted. Sixth months later, we're pleased to report that the chief made good on his promise.

With Andy Thornley of the San Francisco Bike Coalition serving as a trusty guide, Gascón embarked on a short, breezy excursion from the Marina, exploring the local streets for a couple of miles.  The chief's message isn't complicated. "We all need to co-exist," and motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists need to respect each other's rights and safety, he says.  He's working toward fostering that goal through education and establishing a liaison to the cycling community.

Though the ride was a historic first in San Francisco and a step forward for mutual understanding, it was also seen as more of a starter ride. Advocates hope to take the chief on a grittier bike trip -- perhaps down bustling Market Street -- in a few months.