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Shifting into High Gear at Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012

Nearly 1,000 transportation professionals, advocates and placemakers gathered in beautiful Long Beach, CA for the Pro Walk Pro Bike conference last week.  Streetfilms caught up with attendees to find out what some of the hot topics were at the conference in in their communities.  Of course, we couldn't talk to everyone, so let us know what we missed in the comments section.

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  • Davistrain

    What are "place-makers"?

  • Miles Bader

    Hmmm, construction workers ... ?  :]

  • PC

    People who can afford $700 to attend these conferences?

  • devin taysun

    Long Beach is beautiful? maybe the beach area itself but the rest of the city? not so much. its rather ghetto.

  • Robin

    Placemakers are the practitioners of placemaking.  Project for Public Spaces gives an overview of placemaking here: http://www.pps.org/reference/what_is_placemaking/

  • Cyclist

    @a804918e87bcc9b1c79f9119f5fd0a2b:disqus Unfortunately that is what it costs to cover the cost of facilities, food, events and honorariums, at such events.  You could always reach out to conference organizers if you can't afford the registration cost, need based exceptions are almost always made by compassionate organizations like PPS and NCBW.