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Transportation Alternatives collected nearly 1,000 letters from Queens transit riders who oppose the looming MTA fare hikes and service cuts.  In the letters, straphangers urged their state senators to approve a plan that uses bridge toll revenue to help fund transit.

If you're one of the 8 million New Yorkers who rely on transit 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, let YOUR voice be heardContact your representatives directly via e-mail now.

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Wiley Norvell: [00:07] Throughout here the crossroads of Queens, the Queens Centre Mall in Elmhurst, getting people who take the subways and buses everyday to write handwritten letters to their State Senators, telling them to oppose the fare hikes and service cuts that are coming, and to support bridge tolls as a more equitable way to balance the MTA’s books. There’s more than eight million riders on our transit system everyday, on our subways, our express buses, our commuter lines in New York City, and the number of people who actually drive to Manhattan is comparatively small. Only a few hundred thousand people over the East River bridges everyday.

Speaker: [00:40] Dear State Senator.

Speaker: [00:41] Dear Mrs State Senator.

Speaker: [00:42] Dear State Senator.

Speaker: [00:43] I am a resident of the city of New York.

Speaker: [00:46] My entire family depends on MTA for grocery shopping, entertainment and for work.

Speaker: [00:51] I support bridge tolls to pay for transit.

Speaker: [00:53] I take the Q84 bus line to work. I notice that the MTA wants to eliminate this line and I feel that is wrong. If you saw how many people wait for this bus in the evenings you would see the need for it.

Wiley Norvell: [01:04] The situation ahead is pretty bleak. Unless we get something approved in the State Senate, the State Assembly by the end of March, we’ll be looking at subway fares that go up to 2.50, the $103 metro card on its way.

Speaker: [01:16] We cannot afford the hikes in fares to do the things we need to do to survive. It is unjust. Please consider families in situations like ours when raising the fares.

Speaker: [01:24] Please be fair to MTA riders.

Speaker: [01:26] Please ask them to reconsider.


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