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Snackin’ & Schwag for Cyclists in Queens

If it's Bike Month, then Transportation Alternatives must be hosting their annual commuter pit stops with help from NYC DOT and the five Boro President's offices. Yesterday, it was a Queens afternoon snack and we thought we'd take the pulse of cyclists departing the QBB as they got some rehydration and filled their packs with literature (and mega safety schwag!) If you missed out, check the Bike Month calendar for future goodie giveaways and swing back here as we cover events all month long.

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Clarence Eckerson Jr.: [00:01] Hey, here we are in the Borough of Queens with a Queens afternoon commuter snack. We’re here with Transportation Alternatives and the Queens Borough President. We’re at the Queens Borough bridge and we got a lot of cyclists coming off the bridge here that hopefully we’re going to get to talk to about where they like to ride in Queens, what their commutes like, how they feel the state of cycling in the city’s going. So come on with us.

Speaker: [00:22] Cycling in New York City is what’s happening, and it needs to catch on more because we need to leave those cars in the parking lot. We need more bikes on the street. Okay. So if we can save that right there, make that hole smaller up there.

Speaker: [00:33] It’s safer than riding the subway or walking the streets at night, like definitely. That’s why I started riding a bike.

Speaker: [00:39] Everybody says they see me riding to work everyday and they say they want to do it and I say well you should, and they’re like oh I can’t, it’s too dangerous. So people don’t think that biking is safe. They want to, but they’re afraid.

Speaker: [00:50] I think biking in Queens is progressively getting better as the Department of Transportation and the Parks Department are building a more intricately linked system of bicycle greenway.

Joan Scholvin: [00:59] We usually bring to these breakfasts some snacks with our BPs, a lovely array of giveaways, including bicycle bells. And by the way, those of you don’t know, are required by law. Some blinky lights which you should wear after dark. Reflective strips that snap on and snap off. And of course, the ever popular New York City cycling map.

Clarence Eckerson Jr.: [01:23] Look at the schwag that the DOT’s giving out. Watch this. I’m visible.


Clarence Eckerson Jr.: [01:34] Do you think the state of cycling’s getting a little better?

Speaker: [01:37] I’m trying to convince everybody I can. A lot of people at work still take their car and they’re coming in from Long Island or even from Westchester. I say either commute by railroad or park and ride and do part of your ride with the bike.

Speaker: [01:48] It’s good to see a lot more people riding. I think maybe that might be because of the gas prices. Okay. Yeah, good for the gas prices on that one.

Speaker: [01:56] I was on 43rd Avenue and suddenly a bike box seemed to be growing in the corner of 48th Street and 43rd Avenue, which was very exciting because I grew up riding on those streets. Bike box.

Noah Budnick: [02:08] The Bloomberg administration agrees about the things that we want to do and they want to do protected bike lanes, they want to do bike shelters, they want to figure out bikes and buildings, and just regular New Yorkers have wanted this for so long, we’re like alright, let’s get it done already.

Speaker: [02:24] My personal favourite place to ride my bike is Gantry Plaza State Park. It’s one of the only places in all of New York where you can actually get to the water.

Mike Heffron: [02:30] Tour de Queens is going to be this June 8th, it should be a good time. We also have bicycle safety advocacy and pedestrian advocacy. And there’s going to be a new greenway coming up along Vernon Boulevard and the best way to get in touch with us is to go to the Transportation Alternatives website, www.transalt.org. Go to Take Action, look for the Queens Committee and all the information is there.


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Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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  • fafacious

    I watched this video before going to bed and went on to dream about cycling in Queens. There was a network of bike lanes, no double parked cars and it was nice and green...the lights, the trees, flowers, and even green bike lanes. It's nice to think my dream could become reality.

  • Linda

    I want one of those!!

  • reinafire

    Those snap on thingies used to be so hip when I was little - THEY'RE MAKING A COMEBACK with bikers!