Some films on the Interwebs we are Loving

Every so often, we'll strive to use this space to highlight some works out there we think are deserving of your attention. To be honest, being in this field and doing as much work as we do, sometimes it can be tough to find endorse-able work.  But lately there has been a crop of shorts we think are fantastic in one way or another.

This column has to start off with this goody about light rail out of Detroit. Secretly, I wish we had a wave of this kind of filmmaking activism across the country. The makers had an issue to push, along with the energy, creativity and smarts to explain it. Sure, you can argue all the visuals are hardly perfect, but the song is damn catchy, and the transpo nerd in me finds me humming the chorus every so often - let's put the trains, right down the middle....

I saw this a few weeks ago as viewer number 73 and sent this to everyone I knew. It's up over 13K now and climbing. So glad they got eyes on it. I'd love to see if a sequel. Stop-motion rules!

Our friends over at the Regional Plan Association did this slick production about high speed rail in the Northeast that deserves a watch. I particularly enjoy the choice of font in the informational text screens. Shout out to former Streetfilmer Nick Whitaker who was on the production end.

When I first saw this amazing video from Guadalajara earlier this year I was transfixed. It has the essence of everything we love to do. Warning: DO NOT give up watching this if you do not know Spanish. 45 seconds in, it will not matter...

Here's one from last summer's Velo-City Conference 2010 that I felt apropos since there was a recent CNN report where an 83 year old woman in Japan out ran the tsunami on her bike. Well on the other end of the spectrum, listen to Jan Gehl recant how he rode 50 miles on a bike at age 8 to escape the Nazis. From My First Ride.

And finally, I'll end with this extremely elegant look from Red Glass Pictures which captures the POV emergence from the NYC subway system to street level. Though many may find this routine I still feel this experience one of the most magical in the city. And the music and slow-motion just amplify that.