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Clarence: The Traffic Calming Maniac

While I was in Chicago with Ethan Kent doing livable streets research for a summer trip, we ventured to an area well known for its traffic calming. We didn't bring along a video camera, but my still camera took some grainy video. Thus, an impromptu work of "transportation comedy".

It shows that the alternative transportation world is sometimes a little fun and zany. StreetFilms presents Clarence: The Traffic Calming Maniac.

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  • Greg Raisman

    Clarence Eckerson is my hero. Ironically, this is not my first run in with Clarence's relationship with crocodiles today.

    This movie made me laugh. Today on my ride home, I found out that his films make people cry sometimes....

    I ran into Dian from the Portland Safe Routes to School video on my ride home tonight. She told me that she sent the film to her family. Her dad said that in the middle of watching it, he looked over and her sister had "crocodile tears" welling up. His film made her cry with joy.

    Keep up the great work!

    Greg Raisman
    Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership
    Portland Office of Transportation

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/trorb/ Clarence

    Wow, that is a great story! I don't usually like making people cry...

    ...by the way, ask Ethan - I did all my shots in one take!!

  • The Quiet Traffic Calming Maniac

    THAT was funny. More!

  • Happy Camper

    How could you not love the man ..
    IN 5 million years they will find his bones next to a traffic circle and they will say , what was that for ? ... Maybe Stonehenge was a traffic circle ....

  • Steve Faust

    Clarence wrote in an email:
    "I am almost embarassed to post this.." "Almost. I guess I get a little excited by traffic calming!"

    Clarence, you are never too embarrassed!

    Great film, and the still camera's jerky video is perfect.

  • Scott C.

    Wow...I have to admit the hugging the speedbump was my favorite. This looks curiously similar to the videos Clarence "starred" in from his High School days...great work guys!

  • Gil Gilmore

    Dan should host his own "reality" based transportation show.
    Great movie! It gets my Oscar nomination.

  • ecm

    Very excellent! I like the laughter in the background.

    Gil Gilmore--there's no Dan involved. But I think Clarence and Ethan should do more of these!

  • Cathy G.

    This guy is cute, a little bit of Croc hunter in there, maybe shoula called him Speed Bump Hunter...

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  • Robert

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