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Streetfilm Records Abound!

The good news continues! The month of August saw our highest number of unique visitors to the site at just a shade under 20,000. That's quite remarkable considering the last two weeks of August are traditionally low volume weeks. We also just missed out on setting a record for overall visits for the month, but don't worry, we are aiming to break that in September. Check out the chart for the past year - you'll see the lighter green bar indicates unique visitors.

In addition, we estimate that Streetfilms have now been played right around one million times, as we have nearly 900,000 views on this site alone. But our films are also on YouTube, our previous incarnation of this site for NYCSR, and are being used all throughout the world at seminars, community meetings, and film festivals.

And thanks to the popularity of Ciclovia-style closures going on all throughout the U.S. (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago among them) we had an amazing August for those type films with other sites linking to us...our NYC Summer Streets Streetfilm is going strong at nearly 30K watches for the month, Bogota's Ciclovia added another 10K+ in August, and the Portland Sunday Parkways video climbed over the 10K mark after hovering at around 5K after its initial run.

Go watch some Streetfilms! We are a few days away from posting a flurry of Streetfilms the rest of the month of September.

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    Congrats Clarence! Well deserved accolades.