Streetfilms gets a new (temporary) office

Yo, check it out! As of Monday, Streetfilms is chillin' in Brooklyn's D.U.M.B.O. at the Green Desk building at 155 Water Street. For the interim we have re-located there (along with our sister site Streetsblog, the Livable Streets Education group, and Gotham Schools blog) as we wait for newer and more expansive offices to come to fruition.

Ironically, we are now adjacent to one of NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan's first announced public space improvements (see it here in a Streetfilm from what seems like long ago.) So if you have an idea for a Streetfilm or want to come by and chew on our ears, maybe we'll come on down for lunch to meet ya in the green triangle - once the weather gets a little nicer. Here a few photos of Day One.


Streetfilms' Robin Urban Smith literally holds the keys to our success.


Streetsblog's patriarch Aaron Naparstek shows the treads of what walking and bicycling can do to the bottom of your shoes.


Rebecca Jacobs of our Livable Streets Education arm inspects the new desks and view with our limitlessly creative Carly Clark (you can see the arch of the Manhattan Bridge just outside the window.)


Moi showing off the brick wall we hope to use as a background to shoot a few interviews. (While Elizabeth Press toils away making connections for her upcoming trip to South America.)