Streetfilms Moves to Vimeo

Streetfilms has been working for the past few months to make videos even easier to access and at a higher quality. We've done this by migrating Streetfilms' entire video library to Vimeo, the user generated video sharing website.


move! will still work and look the same, but by hosting vidoes on Vimeo, we'll enjoy some new perks:

  • Videos are now viral.  Embedded Vimeo videos can be re-embedded by clicking on the embed button built into the player.
  • Videos show up in Google Reader views.
  • Many videos are now available in HD.

In addition to these features, Streetfilms is also looking forward to Vimeo's upcoming HTML5 launch for embedded videos.  This means that videos will soon be accessible on most mobile devices.  Vimeo is working hard to lauch HTML5 capabilities, but until then, mobile users can view videos here

Another exciting advantage is that videos now look fantastic when in full screen mode.  So teachers, planners, policy makers and advocacy groups: warm up your projectors, and let Streetfilms help inspire and motivate your community.

We want to extend a great big Thank You, heck even a hug, to the good folks at Vimeo who've helped to make the Streetfilms experience even better.

If you encounter any problems with these new features, please drop us a line at  As always, we love to hear from you.

Fun Vimeo Fact via

The name "Vimeo" was created by co-founder Jakob Lodwick. It is a play on the word "video", inserting the word "me" as a reference to the site's dedication to user-made films exclusively. It is also an anagram of "movie." The word is pronounced Vi-me-o.