Streetfilms’ New Companion Curriculum Moves Transportation Issues into the Classroom

Streetfilms, in collaboration with Streets Education, is first-day-of-school excited to announce the release of Moving Beyond the Automobile’s companion curriculum.  Geared toward high school and college students, but easily adaptable for other audiences, the curriculum uses concepts from our Moving Beyond the Automobile (MBA) series, like transit oriented development, bus rapid transit and bicycling to help students better understand the built environment, transportation systems, and pubic processes.

Using national education standards, the curriculum offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, allowing students to explore complex issues that they affect and are affected by every day.  The curriculum is chock full of fun activities, innovative worksheets, and relevant additional resource suggestions.

We're eager to hear about your experiences using the curriculum, so please drop us a line anytime at  Click to pre-order the MBA DVD or order high res video files for download.

We'd like to thank The Fund for the Environment & Urban Life for making this project possible.