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Streetfilms Testimonials: It’s Official, You Love Us!

At our Streetfilms fundraiser in November we set up a cool testimonial booth where attendees could share their thoughts: what Streetfilms influence has been, how our mission has helped them personally and the value we provide the world as a resource. We'd like to thank the dozens of folks who gave us kind answers in this sweet, short montage.

As you may be aware, Streetfilms needs to continue to diversify our funding sources in the coming year in order to thrive and continue to make quality films. With that in mind there are a few things you can help us to have a prosperous 2011!

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Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Speaker: [00:00] I like Streetfilms cos it helps me keep up on what’s going on all over the world, and it’s just a constant source of inspiration.


Speaker:  [00:07] It’s a powerful tool for educating and for creating social change. 


Speaker:  [00:12] I think they provide a really clear, positive voice in a world of media that often doesn’t have that many clear, positive voices to say about biking, about transit.


Speaker:  [00:21] What Streetfilms does is give people a voice and a global audience for very important issues that we are all dealing with on a daily basis. 


Speaker:  [00:31] They’re actually engaging and talking to the people in the communities about what they think and how they feel about what’s happening. 


Speaker:  [00:38] Public officials, citizens on the street, anybody can watch these films and get something out of it. 


Speaker:  [00:42] This is the tool that will help people understand why transportation policy really, really matters. 


Speaker:  [00:49] Without these essential forms of journalism, who would know about what’s going on in Portland, Bogata, Columbia, Copenhagen, let alone the streets of New York? 


Speaker:  [01:00] One area that I think is really important is showing children in a very visual way how streets can look.


Speaker:  [01:08] I think Streetfilms is this incredible educational tool.  It’s incredibly accessible and it speaks about simple things in simple language. 


Speaker:  [01:16] If there was no Streetfilms, I’d start it.


Speaker:  [01:20] I thought that filming these things was the best way of getting the message out.  I promptly went out and bought myself a video camera.


Speaker:  [01:26] When you need that bit of inspiration, there they are with another Streetfilm. 


Speaker:  [01:31] I think encourages me to go out and get on my bike.


Speaker:  [01:34] If you want a bike lane, support a Streetfilm. 


Speaker:  [01:37] The idea of safer, walkable, compact communities is absolutely vital.


Speaker:  [01:42] Streetfilms is really an indispensable part of the liveable streets movement.   

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Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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