Streetfilms Testimonials: It’s Official, You Love Us!

At our Streetfilms fundraiser in November we set up a cool testimonial booth where attendees could share their thoughts: what Streetfilms influence has been, how our mission has helped them personally and the value we provide the world as a resource. We'd like to thank the dozens of folks who gave us kind answers in this sweet, short montage.

As you may be aware, Streetfilms needs to continue to diversify our funding sources in the coming year in order to thrive and continue to make quality films. With that in mind there are a few things you can help us to have a prosperous 2011!

1 - Please consider making a year-end donation to Streetfilms.  To do so just follow this link.

2 - Fill out our very short Streetfilms survey and provide feedback.  Here's that link. (Note: as a carrot to dangle: one random person will win a $100 Amazon gift card.)

3 - If you or anyone you know (organization, individual) is interested in sponsoring a Streetfilm in production, please feel free to contact us at: info [at] streetfilms [dot] org.

4 - Keep watching. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Continue to tell your friends about Streetfilms, get them to watch our films.


Clarence Eckerson Jr.