Streetfilms University: How We Make Effective Films

For the last few years, we have been giving the fun and informative Streetfilms University talk at colleges and conferences. From Harvard to Long Beach, audiences have been excited about learning how we make the transportation films we do, from behind-the-scenes tips to how to avoid the mistakes we have made.

Now for the first time we have compiled a truncated 25 minute Streetfilms University lesson. Filled with video clips, stills and lists of advice there is much to take in here for the beginning filmmaker as well as the person who is just curious as to how we make our effective films. Perhaps one day you'll be lucky enough to get to experience the hour plus program, but until then get some popcorn and sit back and hear from Clarence Eckerson Jr, the Director of Streetfilms, on how we get it done.

And of course visit to watch any of our 500 Streetfilms and to download them right off Vimeo to use in your own work and presentations using the Creative Commons 3.0 license.