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Ad Nauseum: Ditch your Bike, Buy a Hyundai and Get the Girl!

A couple of times per year there are usually some ridiculous NYC ads that tout car ownership over the "troubles" of riding transit, being a pedestrian or bike commuting. Most of them are laughably bad and involve much aggrandizement, but the newest one from LIC Hyundai goes straight for the sex appeal: if you're a […]

‘Tis the Season for Driving An Acura Like a Maniac

If you've been watching holiday tube you've probably seen this trio of horrid ads for Acura which show celebrities speeding, driving distracted and generally behaving like complete maniacs after scooping up unsuspecting shoppers and freaking them out while "counseling" them during a 30 second joyride. The name of the campaign is the "Season for Reason" […]

Lexus ES: Is this the first U.S. car commercial filmed on a street with a protected bike lane?

Since I've been doing lots of research, analysis and interviews for a future Streetfilm looking at car commercials, this recent Lexus ES ad in heavy rotation during football Sundays really caught my eye.  If you are a cyclist or urban planner take a 30 second gander.  It just might be a first (at least in […]

WTF?! “The Lorax” Gives Mazda “The only Certified Truffula Tree Seal of Approval”

Can you believe this?  Does this get you riled up? You need to take a gander at this new commercial for Mazda's CX-5, an advertising partner for Universal Pictures Dr. Suess' "The Lorax". It's the latest, most outrageous act of Hollywood greed. "Certified Truffula Tree Friendly"?! I can't tell you how sick that "endorsement" makes me. […]