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The Advertiser That Loves Bicycles: Regions Bank

It's likely most of our readers haven't heard of Regions Bank or at least haven't seen some of their trademark television spots featuring their distinctive lime green bicycles (Regions refers to them as "life green"). That's probably because most of their branches are in the Southeast U.S, so they likely advertise locally instead of purchasing […]

Advertisers Look to Bicycling to Leverage a Health & Happiness Message

There's been some fantastic bicycle momentum going on in the advertising world in the last year or so. Since I decided to start monitoring ads in the middle of 2012, there seem to be more commercials showing bicycles positively, and in many cases featuring them front and center to sell their product. This first one […]

Scion: Using Bikes to Sell Cars (to Sell Bikes?)

Here's one you might file under Not Ad Nauseum: a new commercial with bikes being used in a positive way to have fun, recreate and see your city.  The product being pitched?  The new Toyota Scion. Watch below. First off, this is a very nice, hip and pretty ad.  It introduces us to Daniel Farahirad, […]

Three New Commercials = “Bike Pod” Goodness!

Smack dab in the middle of watching some Friday evening tv programming on ABC came the most pleasant of surprises: three consecutive commercials showcasing bicycling and they're all pretty nice spots. First came this brand new, wonderfully creative ad from VerizonWireless featuring the Droid Razr. I'm not gonna spoil the end of it, but we […]