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UWS Streets Renaissance: Space Allocation

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus examine how the width of sidewalks affects the pedestrian environment.

UWS Streets Renaissance: Double Parking

Mark Gorton and neighbor Lisa Sladkus point out the perils of double parking on the UWS.

Tykes Take the Streets: Kids Art Bike Parade

Kids and parents put their adorned bikes on display in a ride down 2nd Avenue.

Ninth Avenue Gets a Physically Separated Bike Lane

NYC is getting a separated bike lane. Pinch us! Pinch us!!

Life Near the QBB

Sarah Gallagher from the Upper Green Side introduces Streetfilms to some of the dangers of living near the Queensboro bridge. Talking to store owners, and others in the area, we learn there is another high cost of doing business in the area other than rent. "There's never a quiet time anymore. And there's never a […]

Upper East Side Street Sweeper Dance

Glen McAnanama of Upper Green Side explains the chain reaction of the consequence of free on-street parking, what it means to the health of New Yorkers and how it all contributes to world greenhouse emissions.

I.S. 89 Speed Gunning

StreetFilms was out at I.S. 89 in Manhattan last week working with Brooke DuBose and Graham Beck of Transportation Alternatives. The middle school students, with the help of Manhattan Youth's Bob Townley, organized an after-school speed gunning event in response to two recent accidents involving motorists and students crossing the West Side Highway on their […]

T.A. Rides with the Mayors of Sydney & Copenhagen

Lord Mayor Clover Moore of Sydney, Australia and Copenhagen’s Mayor of the Technical & Environmental Administration Klaus Bondam ride bikes with Transportation Alternatives in a symbolic loop around Central Park.

Why I Ride

Why do people ride? Ask them, they'll tell you.

PSA: What Can Brown Do For You?

The StreetFilms crew was on Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan a while back and discovered this delivery truck eating up an already meager sidewalk. Pedestrians, many of whom were forced out into the street, seemed to regard the obstruction as a common occurrence. Just one example of the thousands of intrusions per day a cars-first […]

Hal Grades Your Bike Locking

Mechanic Hal Ruzal from Bicycle Habitat grades the bike locking ability of New Yorkers. Avoid a bad grade and listen to his advice.

Room To Breathe: NYC

Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) gathered a gaggle of cyclists on 42nd Street in Manhattan to stage a dramatic visual that shows how much street space is gained if more people rode bicycles or took mass transit instead of driving personal cars.

T.A. Rides with Peñalosa & David Byrne!

The staff of Transportation Alternatives rides with Enrique Peñalosa & David Byrne to the "Manhattan on the Move" transportation conference.

Manhattan on the Move

An overview of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's historic October 2006 Transportation Conference.

Tribute to Eric Ng

A memorial ride for Eric Ng, who was killed by a drunk driver on the West Side Highway Bike Path.