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Streetopia: Reclaim Your Streets! (Streetopia Kickoff Promo)

Welcome to Streetopia the new push to drastically reimagine our city streets as places for people, with more efficient transport and safety for children & seniors to recreate and live. This is the "kickoff" promo, one of five we produced for the event. The below paragraphs were so excellently written by Streetsblog's David Meyer in the article "Envisioning […]

Streetfilms Promo 2012

We've done over 450 Streetfilms in nearly 6 years!  We've been a lot of places. We've explored a lot of ideas. We've interviewed the top world experts in the transportation & livable streets realm. We figured it was time to celebrate, so enjoy our sassy 2012 promo celebrating all that and more with this montage-arama […]

Videos Wanted: Make Your Own Bike Etiquette PSA

Biking Rules, the new bicycling campaign hosted by Transportation Alternatives, is sponsoring a video and photo PSA competition and the call for submissions is now open. The campaign outlines several suggestions on how to lead by example when riding your bicycle. So, with a little inspiration from an old Bike Snob NYC post, this PSA addresses one of the Street Codes called "Ride Right" meaning, ride in the direction of traffic.

200 Streetfilms!

Here is a fun promo that celebrates our milestone of 200 Streetfilms, featuring the many faces and events that have appeared in our montagery.

Summer Streets PSA

30 second promo airing on television for this year's Summer Streets!

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Me a Ticket!

A humorous but enlightening look at the visual signals drivers send to try to avoid getting a parking ticket.

Barnes Dance!

The Barnes Dance is an all-cross pedestrian signal!

Take a Virtual Tour of NYC’s First Chartreuse Bike Lane

It's a lime green bike lane...and we love it.

PSA: What Can Brown Do For You?

The StreetFilms crew was on Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan a while back and discovered this delivery truck eating up an already meager sidewalk. Pedestrians, many of whom were forced out into the street, seemed to regard the obstruction as a common occurrence. Just one example of the thousands of intrusions per day a cars-first […]

Icons of a Living City

Icons of a Living City is a trio of uplifting posters from Transportation Alternatives encouraging New Yorkers to walk, bike, and take mass transit.

We here at StreetFilms love 'em and their positive vibe. So much so, we got our hands on some high resolution files to present some of the fine details in what might be the first of its kind: a one minute commercial for posters!

PSA-We’re Walking

While walking around Manhattan, pedestrians might wonder where all the cars come from. After seeing these statistics, it seems obvious.

PSA-Pedestrian Obstacle Course

A visual example of the hoops through which a pedestrian must jump to cross a street in Times Square.

PSA-Pedestrian Density

Cars get more space than pedestrians do on the streets, which leads to overcrowded sidewalks.

PSA-Dirty Little Secret

An inequitable use of parking by government agencies is a dirty little secret in Chinatown.

PSA-So Why Are They Driving?

Nearly every person who drives into New York City has an alternate means of transportation.