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Queens Boulevard Bike Pool

On the second Friday of the month, Transportation Alternatives Queens Committee leads a "bike pool" along Queens Boulevard. By riding together in a group each month, the bike pool works not only to educate drivers that bikes are on the street and to make a statement about the need for a bike lane, but it give the borough's bike commuters a safe, escorted ride home.

The Queensboro Bridge turns 100!

The NYC Bridge Centennial Commission held a Queensboro Bridge celebration featuring a car-free parade of people, bands, old cars, and, of course, speakers reminiscing about 1909.

Sign Now to Save Transit!

Queens transit riders oppose MTA fare hikes and service cuts and support bridge tolls.

Daylighting: Make Your Crosswalks Safer

Daylighting is a simple pedestrian safety strategy which removes parking spaces surrounding an intersection in order to create better visibility for all street users and reduce the risk of conflict.

Park(ing) Day NYC 2008

Transportation Alternatives reports during this year's foray into PARKing Day there were over 50 parking spaces temporarily reclaimed throughout the city, nearly doubling last year's total. We were able to visit about twenty of those.

Queens Boulevard: Complete Street Campaign Rally

Last February, 22-year-old Asif Rahman was hit and killed by a truck while riding his bicycle on Queens Boulevard. Asif's family, Council member Jim Gennaro, and Transportation Alternatives held a press conference yesterday, calling on New York City government to transform Queens Boulevard into a "complete street," with a physically-protected bike lane and safer pedestrian crossings.

Queens Play Street

Watch what happens when one neighborhood in Queens closes its street to cars.

Tour de Queens 2008

Not even the heat and humidity of a 96 degree day could keep nearly 500 people from pedaling the inaugural Tour de Queens. The beautiful course - which hugged much of the northwest perimeter of the borough was put together by the Queens T.A. Committee and featured "lots of smiles per hour."

Snackin’ & Schwag for Cyclists in Queens

If it's Bike Month, then Transportation Alternatives must be hosting their annual commuter pit stops with help from NYC DOT and the five Boro President's offices. Yesterday, it was a Queens afternoon snack and we thought we'd take the pulse of cyclists departing the QBB as they got some rehydration and filled their packs with literature (and mega safety schwag!)

Roller Race for Queens

The first Tour de Queens will take place June 8, 2008 and to raise money the Queens Committee hosted a fundraising Roller Race. Watch this video and find out what a roller race is.

Bike to Shea

Let's go Mets! Let's go bikes!