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Laura Goodfellow: Transit-Oriented Runner

One way we can help save the planet and cut down on motor vehicle use is to think creatively about common car trips that seem to be "automatic" or thought of as a necessity. Seattle's Laura Goodfellow is certainly doing that. So how do you keep the miles from getting monotonous when training for a […]

Seattle: America’s Next Top Transit City

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and it is making bold investments to ensure most residents live within walking distance of frequent transit. "Seattle can’t handle any more cars than we currently have," says Seattle DOT Director Scott Kubly. "Our mode split needs to go from 30 percent single occupancy vehicle to 25 percent, and the […]

Seattle’s Link Light Rail – The Start of Something Big

Streetfilms got to take a tour of the newest addition to Seattle's transportation network, the 13-station, almost 16 mile Light Link Rail which opened in mid-2009. The route features frequent service (as little as 7 minute headways during rush hour), has great multi-modal access, and can get you from the SeaTac airport to downtown in just over a half hour.