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Clarence: The Traffic Calming Maniac

Sometimes the alternative transportation world doesn't have to be all serious and analytical as this impromptu, "transportation comedy" short shows.

The Prospect Park Youth Advocates

Four young Brooklynites launch an impressive summer-long campaign for a Car-Free Prospect Park.

Little Legs for Green Streets

Students at P.S. 321 in Park Slope participated in an Earth Day walkathon to raise money for three non-profit green groups, including Transportation Alternatives.

One Night of Fire

Thousands of people walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and invaded the subway system to go out to Coney Island and watch a fantastic display of fire performers.

The Sidewalk Nibblers

A proposed plan by DOT for a subway station at 96th street will leave pedestrians with 18 ft. less sidewalk space!

Figment* 2008 on Governors Island

This weekend, FIGMENT 2008, a free, non-profit art project, drew upwards of 10,000 people to Governors Island for a three day festival of performance, music and participatory art. Partnering with Governors Island, the producers of FIGMENT hope to increase the enjoyment of art by placing it in an under-utilized public space just minutes from downtown. Streetfilms was there to cover the event and speak to one of the creators of what it is all about.

Why I Ride

Why do people ride? Ask them, they'll tell you.

Tribute to Eric Ng

A memorial ride for Eric Ng, who was killed by a drunk driver on the West Side Highway Bike Path.