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Vintage Transportation Films from the Prelinger Archives

The 1968 "Playstreets" video above just blows my mind - and probably will yours if you love open streets and ciclovias. I had no idea PAL (the Police Athletic League) was closing down streets/blocks in New York City for kids for so long. In fact since 1914, over one hundred years ago! I found it while looking thru the […]

Documenting Dangerous Streets: Crossing 111th Street, Queens

As you know, in this space I am always trying to find ways to inspire and change our streets for the better, which means giving you tools or film ideas to use in your community. Of late I've been doing some documentation using my GoPro and have been pleasantly surprised at how incredibly educational the footage can be. Here […]

Some neat Transportation videos I’m watching (and you should too!)

I get weekly asks to "please come visit my town/city/country" to make a Streetfilm on a new best practice or a struggle on an issue a group is having. If I had a staff of anyone other than myself, I knew I'd be able to keep them quite busy. Sadly, I do not. This is why I am […]

Streetfilms University: The “Simple” Art of Editing (YOU can do it!)

The first thing I like to emphasize to folks when they come to see me at conferences to give my Streetfilms University presentation is that if you have a little bit of patience, really anyone can make and edit a decent short film. Even with little or no experience. Sure, perhaps not to a "Streetfilms standard" right off the […]

Streetfilms University: Sometimes an Effective Video is Very Simple

I often preach in Streetfilms University that sometimes the most effective advocacy videos are extremely simple. They just show real events/conditions on the ground as they happen.  Fortunately, you'll only need a steady hand and be willing to stake out an intersection or problem area to pull it off. Take the above video I took […]

“Streetfilms University” Tip: Make sure your Thumbnail excites Potential Viewers

Want one of the best pieces of advice on marketing your film? Here it is in a nutshell:  you can make the best or worst film in the world, but the only way you'll ever get someone to press play is if the thumbnail (the "preview frame") you are using is representative, exciting, and  thoughtful. […]

“Streetfilms University” Tip: Recording Voiceovers using your iPhone

It might sound a little unbelievable, but you can get pretty good quality voiceovers for your projects using a simple smart phone. For our latest series Streetfacts we decided to go a little bit more low-tech: rather than using a microphone to record directly into the computer or renting out a studio and spending a […]

Ten Years Ago…Preparing for Streetfilms While Shooting “BikeTV”!

People ask me how I came to shoot transportation videos, what school I went to, what my training was, etc.  Well here's the skinny: I was always good with cameras. I liked being outside and riding bikes. In the late 1990s when cameras got small enough to fit in a camera bag or wear around […]

Streetfilms University: How We Make Effective Films

For the last few years, we have been giving the fun and informative Streetfilms University talk at colleges and conferences. From Harvard to Long Beach, audiences have been excited about learning how we make the transportation films we do, from behind-the-scenes tips to how to avoid the mistakes we have made. Now for the first […]