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Streetfilms Q&A: Gil Peñalosa, Executive Director 8-80 Cities

Gil Peñalosa is the Executive Director of 8-80 Cities. He's appeared in a dozen Streetfilms and was highly instrumental in assisting production of our trilogy of Bogotá films in late 2007/early 2008.  His indefatigable dedication on our five day trip really helped put Streetfilms on the map.  He currently serves on our Streetfilms advisory board. SF: […]

Streetfilms Q&A: Karyn Williams – Enlightening Youth About Transportation

Karyn Williams co-founded Velo-City in 2010 along with Samelys Lopez and Naomi Doerner. Karyn tells us how Velo-City allows them to share their passion about urban planning with young people and motivate them towards a career in the field.  And how Streetfilms plays a small role in that. SF: What are the main goals of […]

Streetfilms Q&A: Carla Saulter

SF:  Tell us about your Bus Chick column. CS: I’ve been writing about what I call “transit culture” for almost six years. There are lots of people writing—probably a lot better than I could—about transit policy and urban planning. I sometimes touch on those subjects, but I’m much more interested in what’s happening on the ground: […]

Streetfilms Q&A: Mia Birk

  Streetfilms:  As you have traveled the country for Alta and been a part of so much positive change for bicycling, have you seen Streetfilms' influence? Mia Birk:  In the past year, I've visited more than 60 cities in 15 states and 3 Canadian Provinces, giving speeches and conducting trainings. At practically every one of […]

Streetfilms Q&A: Donovan Finn

Streetfilms:  The 78th Playstreet in Jackson Heights has been an enormous success the last few years.  How have the Playstreet Streetfilms helped? Donovan Finn: I don’t think you can easily quantify how much mileage we’ve gotten out of those two videos. Locally, we’ve promoted them on our website and community listervs and bulletin boards  to […]

Streetfilms Inspires Bike Share in Portland

A few weeks ago, Portland, Oregon's City Council voted 4-1 to fund the development of a public bike share system in the Rose City.  Right before the vote, Dan Bower made a presentation about the proposed project to the City Council, during which he screened our recent video, Nice Ride MN: Minnesota's Bike Share Expands.  We […]