Ten Years of Streetfilms Greatest Interviews!

Very shortly we will be posting a new, exciting, exclusive interview on Streetfilms! But until then, we thought it would be great to compile some of our most important and informative interviews from over the years.

Most of the interviews you've see on Streetfilms were conducted by Mark Gorton our largest supporter and one of NYC's biggest transportation advocates. He's voracious reader of policy which is why almost all our interviews have been with writers and transportation experts. For example see above, Mark's walk & talk with "Happy City" author Charles Montgomery.  And below he chats with Tom Vanderbilt about his tome "Traffic".

From the start, one of the tactics Streetfilms used often in advocating for better streets in New York City was to chat with world leaders to see the possibilities elsewhere. It led to a very special chat with former Bogota Mayor Enrique Penalosa, which ultimately led to Streetfilms going to visit there in late 2007 to publish its trio of groundbreaking films on ciclovia, bus rapid transit and the transformation of its streets.

We also used the interviews to enlighten the public to hard to grasp concepts and policies. When Transportation Alternatives brought parking guru Donald Shoup to NYC to explain how pricing parking helps make a city more efficient, we knew we had to find a way to demonstrate "The High Cost of Free Parking" to the masses. So we brought out the toy cars!

And of course we got one of the most in-depth interviews with new NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan when she came into her post and had just started doing some of the magical street transformations she would become known for.

We also got to talk with many notable livable streets and cycling supporters in the NYC-area. Our interview with New York Times columnist Randy "The Ethicist" Cohen was one that stood out.

There are plenty more interviews by Mark on Streetfilms. Go find them!