The Advertiser That Loves Bicycles: Regions Bank

It's likely most of our readers haven't heard of Regions Bank or at least haven't seen some of their trademark television spots featuring their distinctive lime green bicycles (Regions refers to them as "life green"). That's probably because most of their branches are in the Southeast U.S, so they likely advertise locally instead of purchasing national buys. But many of their cool adverts are on YouTube so I'll try to embed and link to as many as I can for the bike-curious.

With all the horrible bike ads out there, for years I've admired Regions Bank's marketing arm and their positive integration of the bicycle into their ad campaigns. Most of their settings have a real warm feeling of community and many of their commercials feature a very vibrant downtown vibe with a few slow-travelling cars, plenty of smiling pedestrians and bicyclists rolling around on their Regions classic cruisers. Sure it might be a little livable streets nirvana, but for 30 or 60 seconds you are there.

And sometimes they get artsy. They even did a series of ads featuring bicycle-riding acrobats!

Coincidentally, the bank's colors happen to match up with the MUTCD standards for painted green lanes which is fortuitous for them. In recent years they've also become a partner in the bike share world.  And Regions donated bikes to the BamaBikes program at the University of Alabama.  Here's a short clip on that program:

Regions has many more bike-themed commercials to watch via their website. I encourage you to watch those including the really well made "Brigade" spots.

Frankly, I'm hoping this post isn't the last you'll read here about Regions Bank. Prior to publishing, I attempted to contact someone at Regions over the last few weeks so I could ask them about their choice of bicycle marketing and just how they came to stick with it all these years. No dice. So I ask to the executives at Regions Bank if you are reading, I'd love to know more!