“The Pedestrian Crush” on 34th & 7th Avenue

Although there is undoubtedly an amazing streets renaissance going on in NYC, there still remain places in dire need of improvement.  Heavily-used areas like the blocks surrounding Penn Station area from 4 to 7 PM on weekdays are overwhelmed with pedestrians making their way home to via a network of subways, NJ Transit, the Long Island Railroad, Amtrak and catching myriad buses.  The sidewalks are so clogged by this "crush of humanity" that people are forced to walk in the streets.  If you've never seen it or fear claustrophobia, get ready.

Our Executive Director Mark Gorton recently went out to the sample the atmosphere on a typical weekday commuter night and posits that we can do much better in our choice of allocation of street space.  His words sum it up nicely:

The reason it's so crowded here is not because there's not enough space, it's because we give all of our space to the least spatially-efficient form of transportation available.

Of course he is referring to the automobile, especially the single-occupant vehicle.  Oddly enough, I did a PSA over three years ago which aired during our initial NYCSR campaign launch.  I filmed most of it in the same location.  And it still looks much the same, perhaps worse.