The Power of One Streetfilm!

Whenever we can we like to toot our own horn. Imagine how good it felt to receive the following e-mail. (Still waiting confirmation on whether the sender doesn't mind his name and deets being used, so for now we removed some of the facts or personal info.)

Hi, my name is XXXX and I am responsible for the Cycle Strategy for the City of XXXX. While this email is slightly delayed (April '07), I just want to provide thanks for the film "The case for physically separated bike lanes". Following the publication of our draft strategy, and the desire for a 10% mode split I was lost on how to reconcile the two, knowing that bike lanes do not work to get [average] people cycling. After being forwarded your film, I hit upon the idea of compressing our traffic and parking lanes to fit in a physically separated cycleway on our streets.

This has led to a revolution in cycleway design for us and we will be installing 55 kilometres (34 miles) of separated bike lanes (out of 200 kilometres (125 miles) in a 26 square kilometre (11 sq miles) area. This will be rolled out over the next four years with treatments from low cost (like New York) to high cost, complete streetscape upgrades. So, I just would like to say (long overdue) kudos to Streetfilms and the Open Planning Project.

Okay, if you google enough, you can probably figure out the city. But that's as nice as it gets. Please send us your stories. They invigorate us.