The Wiggle’s Green Bike Box & Left Turn Lane Combo

"The Wiggle" is one of San Francisco's most beloved and cherished bike routes and guides riders the easiest way between two nasty hills. It even has its own Wiki page.

It's so popular, it is hard to stand there at any point of the day and not see mega helpings of cyclists passing thru! (Please note: This is a camera person's dream.)  Recently, after a judge partially lifted a full ban (due to an injunction) on bike amenities, the SF DOT striped a unique combo to aid cyclist's safety and sanity.  A green bike box on Scott Street - believed to be California's first - allows riders to safely wait and queue up for a dedicated left-hand turn lane which runs the length of the entire next block.

Andy Thornley from San Francisco Bike Coalition took us around to show how it works - and some riders voiced their appreciation.