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Three Children Too Many March: NYC Residents Fight Back for Safer Streets

A new group, Three Children Too Many, held a march for traffic justice for recent victims of senseless crashes in or near Jackson Heights. The rally was well attended and about 200 people joined up at three different points during the 30 block walk.

The rally was met along the route by numerous elected officials and some of the parents and friends of those killed by cars - all of them preventable tragedies. Particularly moving were Amy Tam and Hsi-Pei Liao who spoke about their three year old daughter Allison's death in a brave, emotional speech which can be seen here in its entirety.

We need immediate action. We can no longer wait for any other children to suffer the same fate. We have a new mayor that must put plans in motion to change our streets. A promising new council who must draft new legislation to dramatically lower speeds and raise the penalties for drivers. And we must lean on our state government to allow NYC to have more speed cameras, more red light cameras and more autonomy in making our city a liveable, safe place for children to walk the streets.


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  • Ben Kintisch

    Beautiful and sad movie, Clarence. Thank you for this.

  • Rebecca Albrecht

    Shouldn't cars be stopped in all directions at intersections so people can cross the street with no possibility of a car turning into their path? In addition to lowering the speed limit, the time allowed for pedestrians to cross should be increased to the time it would take a slow moving elderly person to cross! Has anyone made those suggestions?

  • Rock Nelson

    Clarence, thanks for posting this.
    Chicago is rolling out speed cameras and critics say the cameras are to generate revenue. Fast moving traffic KILLS PEOPLE.
    Something must be done. Infrastructure improvements are the best solution but they take time and a lot of money while speed cameras can be an intermediate measure that can be put in place much more quickly.