‘Tis the Season for Driving An Acura Like a Maniac

If you've been watching holiday tube you've probably seen this trio of horrid ads for Acura which show celebrities speeding, driving distracted and generally behaving like complete maniacs after scooping up unsuspecting shoppers and freaking them out while "counseling" them during a 30 second joyride. The name of the campaign is the "Season for Reason" and it's supposed to be oh-so "Ho! Ho!" funny.

The link below is the first ever commercial to feature tv personality Dr. Phil McGraw.  A spokesman for Acura says in this article for MarketingDaily that McGraw, "liked the humorous approach to a non-nonsense attitude." Humorous?! What possessed Dr. Phil (who has done numerous shows on the dangers and tragedies of texting) to make THIS his commercial debut is a little bit baffling.

But he's not the only guilty party. Financial self-help guru Suze Orman also gets behind the wheel and proceeds to scare her passenger to death - and it has nothing to do with the size of her 401k or credit score. Listen up girlfriend, keep your eyes on the road!!

Sadly, the final spot features Santa Claus who hits the roads with some naughty NASCAR moves while placing his passenger back on his "nice" list.  Acura's "Season for Reason" obviously doesn't extend to driving responsibly towards your fellow human being.

Sorry, I don't find any of this funny even in the most try-to-suspend-my-beliefs-world. The carnage on our roads to pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers is real and behaving like Dr. Phil in this commercial will get someone killed. Why is that tv car commercials constantly show their products being used in a reckless and illegal manner? (And why do we - as a nation - laugh (or hoot) at such dangerous irresponsibility?)