Universal Subtitles Comes to Streetfilms

Over the last years, Streetfilms has become a resource for people all over the world who are interested in improving the street life of their cities. People have also started to translate the films and create new videos with subtitles for their native audience. Here's an example of a Streetfilms video translated for Streets of Iran. This is all very exciting for the Streetfilms team!

Today, in an effort to facilitate this process, we've released an update to Streetfilms.org which incorporates Universal Subtitles into the site. Universal Subtitles is a system in which any film can have subtitles added to it and displayed in any language. People can play the film with subtitles by choosing any of the available translations, or even with English subtitles which is helpful for the hearing impaired.

The real genius of Universal Subtitles is that translations are crowd-sourced, that is, anyone can add a translation. Once it is added, it is available immediately on the site for anyone to use. Hopefully, over time, Streetfilms will grow a large repository of subtitles for many of our films.

The editing platform for adding subtitles is quite nifty and supports uploading of existing subtitle files, notifications on updates to a video and rolling back to previous revisions. See more about it.

Stay tuned for our next post which will guide you through adding your own subtitles to Universal Subtitles.