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Upper East Side Street Sweeper Dance

If you own a car and store it on the streets of New York City you probably don't realize how much you directly harm the environment.

Glenn McAnanama of Upper Green Side explains the chain reaction of the consequence of free on-street parking, what it means to the health of New Yorkers and how it all contributes to world greenhouse emissions.

<p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman"><i>Glenn McAnanama:</i> [00:08] So New York City has a policy where everyday a street cleaner comes on one side of the street to clean that, and the cars all have to move out of the way of the street cleaner. It’s usually about an hour and a half, or 90 minutes, that the cars can’t be parked on one side of the street. A lot of them will just go and take a spin or do one of their errands for the day, which they could probably do by walking instead of driving. A lot of the other people will double park, simply go across the street and double park. And what they’ll do is they’ll sit in their car and if it’s any kind of inclement weather, they’ll just stay in their car idling with either the air conditioner or the heat on. Cars that are idling create pollution, not only that goes up into the atmosphere and affects the greenhouse effect, but also creates ground level pollution that can affect asthma and other respiratory diseases. It’s just a waste of time. Obviously we’re all busy in New York and 90 minutes out of anyone’s day seems to be a lot. But what this is is, this is because if they were to bring their car to a garage, they would probably have to pay upwards of $300 a month. So really these are people who are using their time to save money and basically get free parking from the rest of us. </font> <br></p> http://transcriptdivas.ca/transcription-canada/
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