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UWS Streets Renaissance: Amsterdam Avenue

For those who live on or near Amsterdam Avenue, they know that with its designed- for-speed geometry the street feels more like a highway then a place for human beings to thrive. Here, TOPP Executive Director Mark Gorton discusses Amsterdam and the impact on residents. But hope lurks - a photo simulation near the end provides a glimpse of what a safer, complete street could look like.

<br> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">[intro music]</font> <br> </p> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman"><i>Mark Gorton:</i> [00:10] Here we are in Amsterdam Avenue which is just a massive traffic highway right in the middle of the Upper West Side. I mean the Upper West Side is a residential neighbourhood and this street has been designed without any consideration for the people that live around here and it’s all about moving traffic. And it is just an unpleasant street to be near. I have to walk my kids to nursery school down this street, we walk a half mile down Amsterdam, you can’t even talk to them because it’s so loud. If we change our policies, we can reduce the level of traffic on Amsterdam enormously.</font> <br> </p> <p><font size="3" face="Times New Roman">[music]</font> <br></p> http://transcriptdivas.ca/transcription-canada/
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