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Velo-City 2010: Copenhagen Bike Parade

Last week, Copenhagen was the host for the Velo-City Global 2010 conference featuring over 1,000 attendees, advocates, and bike enthusiasts from all over the world.  It was awesome and awe-inspiring. The city that loves biking welcomed us with open arms.

On the third night of the conference, Copenhagen did something it doesn't do often: holding a spectacular bike parade!  This critical mass-style celebration featured the young and old on all sorts of bikes and filled the streets with laughter and music. In fact, some participants told us they thought it was the first of its kind in 24 years.  I guess when every day is a massive critical mass of cyclists (38% of all trips are bike) then what is the need for ever needing to declare your right to the road?

The optimistic mood of the conference and the gaining momentum for bicycling facilities worldwide was as inspiring as the people of this great, livable city.  Don't miss the next one in March 2011 in  Sevilla, Spain which we were told is seeing skyrocketing numbers of those taking to the velocipede!


Clarence Eckerson Jr.: [00:14] Everybody, welcome to Copenhagen Ride Velo-City 2010, and of course this is probably the largest gathering ever in the history of human kind of cycling talent and professionals and very interesting people who ride bikes. And inside going on all week has been seminars and meet-ups and plenary speakers that have featured everyone from Jan Gehl to Janette Sadik-Khan. The amount of knowledge that is transpired and exchanged here has been just infinitesimal, it just goes on and on to space at this point. Now comes a little less serious, more fun part where we’re going to be on a bike parade through the streets of Copenhagen with many residents here, but also hundreds of conference goers. So we’re going to go out and have fun now.


Speaker: [01:24] Just follow this on your mode with a speed of 53 miles an hour, follow this bike.

Speaker: [01:29] Okay.

Speaker: [01:30] It’s really easy.

Speaker: [01:32] Let’s follow you.


Speaker: [01:36] I went by the counter last night and I was cyclist 10361. That is amazing.

Speaker: [01:43] How’s it going?

Speaker: [01:44] Great, this is fun. I haven’t even been in here before.


Speaker: [01:55] I think it’s amazing. I’ve never been in a critical mass before even though I’ve been living in Copenhagen for 16 years now.

Speaker: [02:01] Public parade, it’s great.



Clarence Eckerson Jr. has been making fantastical transportation media in NYC since the late 1990s. He's never had a driver's license and never will.

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  • Tue Alstrup Avnby

    Hey Clarence
    Very nice film about my hometown!
    We met briefly in front of Øksnehallen, where I pointed out the mayor for you 😉
    Keep up the amazing work!
    All the best

  • Mike

    Either that was a backdoor insult or else Clarence doesn't know what "infinitesimal" means. :)

  • Clarence Eckerson Jr.

    Yeah, I kind of screwed that up, I was trying to say that the bits of information got so small they were able to be scattered into space and beyond, but alas I just left as is rather than find a way to re-cut. After all, its mostly about showing footage of the parade. The next videos will be far more serious.

  • Flash Fleming

    This is what you do for a living?? You ride your bike all around the world & call that work?

    Are there any openings?