Very Cool Streetfilms News From…The Ukraine!

I just love hearing success stories like this.  Take a gander at this new video from Lviv, Ukraine which shows off some of their recent cycling infra successes in 2013.

The film was sent to me by Demyan Danyluk who's been a big Streetfilms fan since 2010.  He's a co-founder of the local urban iniative platform "Lypneva". They hold frequent public events trying to convince the residents of their city to make it more livable with bike lanes and open space.  And they always screen some Streetfilms. "People really like Streetfilms!  It helps to show them how different cities/countries live and what they are doing now with their mobility and city planing," he said in an email.

Since the language barrier can prove to be difficult, early last year he got the idea to take over two dozen Streetfilms and dub them into Ukrainian. With that kind of effort, how could we not give him permission to post them on their Vimeo channel.

Demyan says there is a generational shift taking place. "In Ukraine, nearly 55% of inhabitants use the internet and the most active users are age 15-35. But most of politicians, decision makers and planers are older [and we need to better educate them.]"

Demyan says they are spreading the word to other cities:  "Different cities in Ukraine want to cooparate with us. At conferences we show them not only our presentation, but, especially Streetfilms."

We're certainly glad to hear that we helped play a part in convincing Lviv to change their transportation priorities.  A quick note: if you need to dub Streetfilms in to a different language - fine with us, just give us a heads up.  On Vimeo you can use the download button to get a free copy of any of our 600 films and you'll be off and running.