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Walk To School Day NYC with Rahzel

In New York City, about 80 percent of kids walk to school. This is amazingly high compared to the national average of about 13 percent.

On October 7, over 40 countries celebrated International Walk to School Day. In New York City, Livable Streets Education and the National Center for Safe Routes to School hosted a walk to school celebration in Washington Square Park in conjunction with the Walk 21 Conference.

After students participated in activities promoting better urban mobility, Gil Penalosa spoke to the students and beatbox master Rahzel performed.

Rahzel: [0:09] Walk to school day.
Lauren Marchetti: [0:11] Today is international walk to school day. It's a day that's celebrated all around the world with more than 40 countries getting out and celebrating the walk to school. What started as one event in Chicago in 1997 has blossomed to millions of children and adults walking all across the world.
Elaine Baez: [0:28] My name is Elaine Baez and I'm 12, and I walk to school every day with my best friend, Christy.
Kim Wiley-Schwartz: [0:34] Thank you for coming from all different parts of New York to celebrate walk to school day with us.
Kim Wiley-Schwartz: [0:39] Today we invited a bunch of kids from the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, Brooklyn, to join us because they've been working on making their streets safer around their schools and really learning about the importance of walking, biking, and staying healthy.
Rebecca Jacobs: [0:52] What we're going to do is estimate how many steps it takes to go around the fountain. [musical interlude]
Kim Wiley-Schwartz: [0:57] The purple stob is about Clean Air New York.
Speaker: [1:01] Clean Air is for people to breath like oxygen. [musical interlude]

[laughter] [1:04]

Gil Penalosa: [1:10] How many of you walk to school every day? Fantastic! Why do you think it's good to walk to school? What are some of the benefits?

Speaker: [1:20] It's exercise.
Speaker: [1:21] It's important to walk to school every day to save the Earth.
Speaker: [1:25] Walking doesn't cause damage to the world. But if you use a car, that damages the world.
Speaker: [1:31] It's better to walk than to use gas, and the gas ruins our air to breath and that's wrong for the world.
Lauren Marchetti: [1:39] Walk to school day is a magical event. Many communities go out thinking they're celebrating walking to school for one day, and then they continue to do it throughout the year. In fact, 75 percent of communities in the United States who participate in walk to school day go on to do permanent programs to promote walking and biking. Gil Penalosa: [1:57] This is really fantastic that all of you are celebrating and hopefully you will create a much better world than the one that you are receiving.


Rahzel: [2:15] Walk to school day.

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