We are looking for a Development Director

Right now, OpenPlans (of which Streetfilms is a part of) is looking to hire a Director of Development for our entire organization.  Click here to get more information.

In the near future, we are moving towards diversifying and expanding our funding sources - thus we need a smart, experienced and savvy person who is professional (but fun!) to help make that a reality.  Our organization is as unique as it gets: we are accomplishing change in real-world time, affecting the debate on the future of our transportation network, the NYC school system, educating children about livable streets and writing open-source code that enables civic participation in a myriad of ways.  We need to locate that shining beacon - you? - who has the ability to work among the 55 creative creatures in our office and provide funding to keep that work sustainable.

The fringe benefits in the job listing say it all, but you'll find this is amongst the top places to work anywhere in the world. Friendly, eclectic peeps trying to do good, making the world safer & more green, and trying to encourage transparency and public participation to the nth degree.  If you got the qualifications and the drive, then you need to respond by yesterday.  Because that was yesterday.

We hope to hear from you.