West Coast News and New Streetfilms Stats!

As some of you may know, I had a long ten day trek to the West Coast to participate in San Francisco's Railvolution, to give a Streetfilms screening at the SF Main Library, ride Critical Mass, head down to L.A. and shoot two other Streetfilms, for a grand West Coast total of five! For those interested, a cool pictorial will follow showing what went down. But first we are announcing another new record for Streetfilms in the month of October: highest recorded total number visits AND we passed 20,000 unique visitors for the month. See our chart first!

And now visuals from our jaunt and advocating goodness...


After Congressman Earl Blumenauer delivered his keynote speech, he parted the crowd and elbowed his way over to meet Streetsblog's Aaron Naparstek. Okay, it didn't exactly happen that way....


Livable Streets Coordinator Lily Bernheimer does her best to promote our Streetfilms event at the Main Library.


NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is swarmed on by admirers like sharks in a feeding frenzy!


Our fresh and exciting "The Railvolution Will Not Be Televised" panel with moi, Aaron, and ReConnecting America's Jeff Wood. At least we thought so. Aaron got our forty or so audience members in the mood by playing "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".


Aaron introduces me to the crowd at San Francisco's Main Library by using some really flattering bon mots like "enfants terribles" and "transportation geek".


We had a really nice crowd of about 140. Afterwards I moderated a discussion with Aaron, local advocates and government officials.


Estimates for the San Francisco Halloween Critical Mass were at least 5,000, but many people said it was easily the biggest mass they ever took part in. Be sure to check out the Streetfilm.


On the right is Brooke DuBose, a former Transportation Alternatives staffer now working in the Bay Area. She was kind enough to clear out my beeswax!


After landing in Los Angles, Streetsblog's Damien Newton took me over to do a story on a newly installed Diagonal Crosswalk by U.S.C. Crazy right? Yes, that's nearly 100 bikes in the intersection!


Finally, I conclude by putting up this photo. I like it. It is me on one of the bridges overlooking the L.A. skyline that they filmed a sequence from "The Terminator."  Yeah, I was in heaven.