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Wikis Take Manhattan

Wikis Take Manhattan is a photo scavenger hunt aimed at gathering photos for over 500 Wikipedia and Streetswiki articles that lack them. On Saturday, teams spread all over the city in search of target items to photograph. All of the photos are released under a Creative Commons' Attribution-ShareAlike license, which allows for free and easy reuse. This years event was organized by The Open Planning Project, Free Culture @ Columbia, Free Culture @ NYU, NYC Wikimedia Meetup, and Creative Commons.

[intro music] 

Speaker:  [00:02] Wikis take Manhattan. 

Lily Bernheimer:  [00:05] Wikis take Manhattan is a photo scavenger hunt and its goal is to create… take freely licensed photos for StreetsWiki and Wikipedia articles which don’t currently have photos.   

Speaker:  [00:20] If you open up your packet you’ll see the most important thing on there is the list of targets. 

Speaker:  [00:25] On your marks. 

Speaker:  [00:27] Get set. 

Speaker:  [00:28] Go. 

Speaker:  [00:29] Good luck everyone.   


Speaker:  [00:35] Here we have to go 131 Charles.   


Speaker:  [00:39] We’re on bikes so we can cover anything faster than everybody.   

Speaker:  [00:42] We’re going to Savoy, we’re going to get every Vanderbilt on this list.   

Speaker:  [00:46] We’re going to Brooklyn which means we can cover a heck of a lot more territory cos everybody else is on foot and milling around Downtown Manhattan. 

Speaker:  [00:51] I’m the card holder.  What have I got?  Rollerblade.   

Speaker:  [00:56] Hey, hey rollerblade. 


Speaker:  [01:03] Wikipedia is something we both use a lot and it’s frustrating when there isn’t a photo, so it’s kind of cool to be able to contribute. 

Lily Bernheimer:  [01:10] StreetsWiki is a community created encyclopaedia for transportation, urban, environmental and public space issues.  For instance, New York has recently installed a number of dedicated bus lanes which are distinguished by their terracotta colouring.  People can read about this on StreetsWiki to find out what a dedicated bus lane is, how it works.  They can also read about this in other parts of the country, in the world, where they might not yet have dedicated bus lanes, and will now have a photo for our dedicated bus lane article.   


Speaker:  [01:42] Oh, green bike lane, green bike lane. 

Speaker:  [01:44] R4. 

Speaker:  [01:46] Perfect.   

Speaker:  [01:49] We found a block party, we just came upon it and even though it’s a small one… 

Speaker:  [01:53] It’s on 8th Avenue and Change Street, it looks like a very intimate one.   

Fred Benenson:  [01:55] Creative Commons makes the licenses that make it all legally sound.  So that means, you know, Liveable Streets Network can use it and Repeater can use it and then everyone in this room can distribute it and share it, and so without Creative Commons there’s no kind of legal agreement, there’s no public license to use the work.   

Speaker:  [02:13] We’re just uploading the pictures that they took on their cameras onto our computer so that then we can upload them to Commons.   

Speaker:  [02:22] First prize of a dinner with Jimmy Wells at the lovely Pure Food and Wine Restaurant goes to XPost Photos. 

Speaker:  [02:36] We won. 

Speaker:  [02:37] Yeah, we won.  We do heart the internets and the free culture and the free software, so it all sort of fits back together. 

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  • http://thornet.wordpress.com Michelle

    Hey great video and even greater event! I'd like to attribute the video properly, but I'm confused as to the license it's under. The icon at the end of the video indicates "BY" but the text reads "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 US", aka "BY-NC-ND".

    If it's the latter, why such a restrictive license for such an open project?

  • http://blog.ta.org.br João Lacerda

    Very cool initiative!

    I wanted to see the wining picture, or pictures!

  • John Hamilton

    This looks like fun! But let me correct the record: We're called "inline skaters", not "rollerbladers". Rollerblade is a brand of inline skates--the first, actually. They make some good recreational skates, and all right speed skates, but they are not the only brand of inline skates, and they're not necessarily the best. Sort of like how bicycling isn't referred to as "Schwinning" or "Trekking".

    Some of us inline skaters are faster than most of you cyclists. Some of us even use our inline skates to get around town, to commute to work, and even to get our groceries. They're fast, they're fun, they can travel with you on the subway (or BART) at rush hour (unlike bikes), and they're zero-emissions.

    So, sorry to be semantical about this, but let's call them inline skates, not rollerblades. Thanks!