Win the first ever Streetfilms t-shirt contest!

From time to time we'll be giving away a Streetfilms t-shirt to a lucky reader or watcher. They are filled with American Apparel sweetness and of course they are a handsome shade of purple. It is the best shirt I have ever owned in my life and I will never wear anything again. I kid you not! Look below...


Okay, on to our first ever contest and this one is a fun, easy one to enter! Simple, just watch our video on the Boulder Bus System to learn what cool route names they have for bus lines there. Then submit your own creative name for a NYC bus line and a sentence or two as to why. Most creative wins the t-shirt. Winner judged solely by Streetfilms staff.

Enter by leaving your answer here as a comment. And, most importantly, you must have a valid e-mail address so we can tell you if you win. Winner posted by Friday AM, October 17th.   We'll also list our top three faves then.  Good luck.