2011 Odds & Ends: Bonus Video Clips for Our Fans

This was a great year for us at Streetfilms.  And to show our appreciation to our supporters we figured we'd go the extra mile and post some really fun, oddball, and poignant moments we came across while filming this year.  Most of these clips are 30 seconds or less, take a gander and have fun and go a little behind the scenes.


Let's start off with a TMZ-style moment.  We often come across actors/famous folk while out shooting. Here's actor/Broadway star Alan Cumming, who frequently is out on his bike.  Check out the reaction of  his fellow commuter who seems to know she was already  riding with him, she takes a sneak peak to confirm his ID while stopped at the light.


Of course there are hundreds of oddball moments that seem to happen while out shooting. Here's one with Open Plans Executive Director Mark Gorton and Project for Public Space's Gary Toth that has not only an "outtake" of a loud, obnoxious hotrodder but a poignant lesson tacked on by Mark.


Here's a fun item.  While shooting in the Netherlands, Elizabeth came across these very helpful firemen who were helping a young woman with her bike. Lots of them. Count them.

How about we change it up for a moment?  Here's a short timelapse of the Seattle skyline that we think is kind of purdy.


While we were in Chicago shooting our Kinzie Street Protected Bike Lane video, Elizabeth had this really funny interview with one Lorena Cupcake. Seriously. She stopped. Put on a mike and this is all that she said and she was on her way!


Of course one great thing we always pride ourselves on at Streetfilms is the amount of really good b-roll we shoot. I was out shooting on a summer day in Brooklyn on Vanderbilt Avenue when I saw a line of about 15 different cyclists approaching. "Excellent" I thought as I jumped off my bike and started shooting, but of course one cyclist had to ruin it by doing, well by doing this:


In case you missed this, here is a very short montage of some excellent hula-hooping that went down at the RecreActiva in Guadalajara, Mexico (their version of Ciclovia). It seems like everywhere you went, people knew how to hula!


Sometimes while you are out on the streets, you'll see some situations that are equally remarkable and sad. Here on Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, I found something that probably qualifies. This area suffers from such little public space/seating, so you'll find a dad and son made do with that they had.


The Salvation Army apparently had lots of singing ring-a-dingers out asking for donations. Here's one outside Rockerfeller Plaza wishing a "Feliz Navidad" to all!


And finally, here's a spirited montage celebrating the year that was bicycling in 2011 which I strung together with lots of great biking b-roll of average, everyday New Yorkers enjoying the streets! Here's to 2012!