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A Bike-Parking Protected, Protected Bike Lane Grows In Manhattan

A few years ago, it was pretty big news when on-street bike parking or a bike oasis was installed in any city.  Today, though it is always welcome news, it hardly merits a report.

However, on New York City's 9th Avenue protected bike lane (which back in the day was NYC's first) three bike oasises have been installed between 36th and 40th streets. Having bike-parking replacing a car parking spot in the floating lane is definitely a first for New York City, and quite possibly the first in the United States.

And as we found small businesses seem to already love them.  We filed a short report.

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  • Edpino

    Glad to see your back nice piece

  • http://karenlynnallen.blogspot.com/ Karen Lynn Allen

    Happy bicycle goodness.

  • vnm

    I'm still holding out for the ne plus ultra: *sheltered* bike parking-protected, protected bike lanes.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    I said it on the last post on this but I would NEVER park my bike inches from insane NYC traffic. You need to protect the bike parking from the traffic too. Where are the 12 inch steel and concrete bollards that NYCDoT uses elsewhere?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Iamtoddedelman Todd Edelman

    Agree it needs solid bollards but sheltered parking is a luxury right now -- just keep your chain lubed, a bag over your seat and so on.

    Clarence, this hardly needs any music -- or get the rid of the cheesy, sentimental stuff. Sometimes manipulation is necessary, but not with this one.